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What can NetReset do for you?

NetReset was designed with simplicity in mind  and one goal: Eliminate the stress of troubleshooting Internet issues.

NetReseT is a device that power  cycles  (reboots) your modem and router in sequential order on a daily basis. The sequential power cycle allows your equipment to receive updated information from your internet service provider, clear invisible malware,  auto-correct issues, and maximize internet speeds due to a fresh connection.

Are you tired of.....

Issues NetReset solves

Internet Speed & Reliability

Videos Buffering

Lost Time from issues

Calling your ISP

Invisible Malware Threats

Rebooting modem & router

Lag during Gaming

WiFi issues

Secure your online life

The core of your network

All communication from your home to the outside world goes through your modem and router.  Internet services are critical to everything you do.  NetReset keeps this communication fast, secure, and reliable.


NetReset reboot process

Program time in example below is 4:00 AM

Current Time = Program Time

This is the first step in the reboot process and is determined by the program time you put in NetReset during setup.  When the current time = program time, both your modem and router will be turned off.  The red lights on NetReset will go off.

4:00 AM

The Modem powers on

One minute later, NetReset will power on the MOD plug.  Whatever equipment is plugged into the MOD plug on NetReset will be powered on.  The red light next to the MOD label with illuminate while the ROU light remains off.

4:01 AM

The Router powers on

Two minutes after the MOD plug has been turned on, the ROU plug on NetReset is powered.  Both red lights on NetReset will illuminate.  When your router completes the boot process, your Internet will be restored with a faster and more secure connection.

4:03 AM

Reset about to occur

NetReset has been powering your Internet for the past 23 hrs and 57 minutes.  Both red lights for MOD and ROU plugs are illuminated.

3:59 AM