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NetReset (NR-1000US)

NetReset is an automated power cycler for your modem and router.  NetReset will always boot the modem 2 minutes before the router every 24 hours and after power outages.  This ensures your network is running fast, secure, and reliable.  Your Internet has never been this good!


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All Internet traffic at your home goes through your router.  Rebooting it daily will erase invisible malware keeping your family's online life secure.  Recommended by FBI.

Secure Your Online Life

Did you know keeping your modem and router running smooth is more important than the speed you pay for from the ISP?  Installing NetReset allows you to reduce your monthly bill.

Reduce Internet bill

Tired of video's buffering?  NetReset will keep your modem and router fresh providing the best Internet connection possible.  Say goodbye to buffering.

Eliminate Video Buffering