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Online security has never been more important

With everyone now spending more time online at home due to Covid-19, American families’ home internet security is being compromised, with reports of increased malware attacks and sharp drops in broadband speeds. To protect your family’s internet, the FBI recommends that you ‘power cycle’ your modem and router once a day.  netreset helps you protect your home internet system with a couple of easy steps.

Everyday internet struggles become a thing of the past:

malware concerns


slow speeds

reboot manually

They are not only unsafe and frustrating - they are unnecessary

netreset is the simple, secure solution that:

protects you from cyber attacks and malware

gets rid of everyday internet frustrations like slow speeds

lets you relax and enjoy buffer-free media

Recommended by the FBI

The FBI has stated that routinely power cycling your router is critical to preventing malicious software.

This means switching off both your modem and router, then rebooting them in a specific sequential order.

For those of us with busy lives, it’s hard to remember to do this every day.

Automated by netreset

The netreset smart power cycler is a device that automatically reboots your modem and router in the correct sequential order daily.

It powers on your modem 2 minutes before your router, allowing equipment updates from your internet service provider, auto-correcting issues and erasing any malicious attacks.

You can set it and forget it, knowing that your system is automatically being rebooted once a day and you are protected.

FBI Public Service Announcement to reboot residential modems and routers

How it works

1.) Plug your modem and router into netreset

2.) Set the time you want it to reboot (we recommend 4am)

netreset will now run an automatic power cycle for you every 24 hours, keeping your system safe.  

netreset protects you from

Low broadband speeds

Malware attacks

Software bugs

Why netreset...

secure WiFi

netreset provides the most secure Internet and WiFi for your family

properly restore your Internet and WiFi after any power outage occurs

power failure recovery

buffer-free media

and improved lag time for gamers

reduced down time

no more manual reboots

from the minute of installation

always on


set it once and forget it, knowing you are protected

universal compatibility

the most secure and reliable Internet possible

works with any modem/router

your Internet has never been this good

netreset is compatible with all service providers, power strips, and network equipment. we also have 4 international plug types.

home Internet

smart homes

2nd homes

Compatible with any home internet system


protect what matters today by ordering the NetReset automated power cycler for your modem and router. simply safer internet.


About us

NetReseT was built out of necessity.  

Its inventor, Blake Caudill, designed it while he was working a home automation job. While installing security systems, home automation, energy management, custom audio/video setups, video surveillance, and various other smart home technologies, he realized all of these products and systems relied on one thing: internet connectivity.

If your internet connection fails, a smart home becomes a problem.

Your camera monitors, security system, and light controls no longer work. Other services like media streaming, online gaming, home office, and any internet communication are also hindered. It was at this point that we realized we had to find a solution to ensure reliable and painless internet connectivity. There were no solutions available so we developed our own.

The best solution proved to be the simplest.

As the FBI recommends, the most effective way of auto-correcting home network issues, erasing malicious cyber attacks and allowing vital updates is by routinely refreshing your modem and router. Turning it off and on again in a specific sequence – modem 2 minutes before router – is the key. By building NetReset, powered by a timer, we simply automated this process. Just set it and forget it.

So far NetReseT has helped thousands of customers with secure, fast, reliable, worry-free internet that is always connected.  

Now more than ever, our mission is to give homes worldwide automatic access to a more secure internet.

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Covid-19 & stay-at-home

Actions netreset is taking

► the FBI has seen an increase in reports of online extortion scams during the current "stay-at-home" orders due to the COVID-19 crisis

► top security experts anticipate cyber actors will exploit increased use of virtual environments by government agencies, the private sector, private organizations, and individuals as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. computer systems and virtual environments provide essential communication services for telework and education, in addition to conducting regular business

► our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers. we have updated our processes to ensure your netreset arrives clean and disinfected.  we are practicing social distancing procedures and working from home as much as possible.

► all employees have received personal protective gear, such as N95 masks, gloves, and goggles.  we have also implemented disinfectant spraying and temperature checks across our operations.

FBI PSA for online extortion

Reuters, covid-19 creates opening for hackers

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