Automated Power Cycling for Fast Reliable Internet Connectivity


How it Works

Customers of NetReset have enjoyed 100% connectivity in their home/business network since the installation of NetReset.


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NetReset is covered for ONE year. Visit our warranty page to see more details!

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I have had my Netreset device for 4 months now. It has helped my Internet in a big way.

William Bryant |

Before NetReset, I had to power cycle my Modem and router daily or I would not be able to connect to the Internet. I have enjoyed flawless Internet connectivity since I installed NetReset. Great product.

Brenda Ward |

I have not power cycled once since buying Net Reset. I’m sure the Internet carrier wonders what happened to me! I used to call them on a monthly basis to power cycle. No more – THANKS NET RESET! My life is much easier now.

Debra Caudill |

Thank you thank you thank you. Netreset is my hero! No more unplug for 30seconds-wait to turn on-etc. Just plug into netreset and wow!

Teresa Dempsey |