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Provides enhanced security by rebooting router daily to clear invisible malware. Recommended by FBI

Powering & Securing your online life

Essential features


Power Failure

NetReset will always restore your Internet connection properly even after power loss.

First Power Up

Works from the minute of installation always powering on the modem first.

24 / 7 / 365

Your modem and router will be properly power cycled daily at your chosen reset time.


NetReset is compatible with ALL modems, routers, combo, and fiber devices.

More features

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What would you do with an extra             hours per year?

Put NetReset to work for you!


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Our videos

How it works

NetReset was designed with simplicity in mind.  Stop manually power cycling your modem and router when you have Internet issues and let NetReset do it!

American dreams on HSN

Watch our founder launch NetReset through the American reams program on HSN

Tired of....

Are you tired of calling you service provider, buffering videos, or constantly rebooting?  So were we

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One of the best ways to keep your home network running smoothly