About our Product

NetReseT Team

Josh Asher – Chief Operating Officer

A few years ago I lived with some friends. We constantly had one problem, our network could not keep up with the growing number of Internet connected devices we had.  My videos would buffer, Internet was sluggish, and gaming would simply not work.  The only solution was to pull the power on the router and modem and then plug it back in. If you didn’t reboot them properly the first time, you had to do it again.  That was until Blake gave me a new device he had been working on called NetReseT. It is now my mission to promote the effectiveness of NetReseT to everyone who uses Wi-Fi.

The parent company of NetReseT, BC Designs LLC, installs security systems, home automation, energy management, custom audio/video setups, video surveillance, and any smart home technology in existence. These technologies are dependent on Internet connectivity. If that Internet connection fails, a smart home becomes a pain point.  Monitoring your cameras, security system, and controlling your lights no longer work. Other services like media streaming, online gaming, home office, and any Internet communication is hindered.  Something had to be done to ensure reliable and painless Internet connectivity.  There were no solutions so we developed our own.

NetReseT is an automated network power cycling device.  NetReseT is the first and only network accessory built to make your Internet faster, reliable, and provide peace of mind from time consuming technical troubleshooting.  NetReseT was built out of necessity.  Why do you have to manually power cycle your modem and router every time the Internet breaks?  We asked ourselves that same question, and then built NetReseT.

All the issues associated with the Internet failing can be solved by power cycling the modem and router. A simple power cycle refreshes the Internet connection in your home or small business eliminating down time. NetReseT power cycles your modem and router in sequential order to prevent loss of Internet connection during the hours of operation. This power cycle erases your router cache and establishes a fresh connection to your service provider delivering true paid for speed to increase Internet speeds. That translates to faster streaming of any media from the Internet.

NetReseT changed the game for BC Designs LLC providing customers with fast, reliable, worry-free Internet that is always connected.  Now, we bring NetReseT to you!

My wife and I use the internet quite a bit in our daily lives, We wanted to make sure higher quality internet was a priority.  There was a problem though, we never seemed to get the quality we felt we were paying for.  I did some research and found a website to test the speed we were getting.  Just as we suspected it was much lower.  I asked around to some of my friends to see if they we having similar problems and what they did to fix it.  That's when Josh introduced me to NetReset which instantly solved my problem.  I knew right away I had to be part of the team after.

Cory Okeefe – Chief Marketing Officer