How Four Guys Saved The Internet

     What if I told you that I have a tale, a tale that would rival that of Robin Hood and John Henry alike? What if I told you that this tale is a tale of super heroes that changed the daily life of every person? But then, what if I told you that it turns out that it is not super heroes at all, but four common guys who took it upon themselves to save the day?

     The story begins like any other; the world is plagued by an unstoppable force sizing the general and unaware public across the globe. In this case, the plague being slow, lagging Internet connections that we use every day. One day a group of friends banded together to defend the world of this overpowering epidemic. The twist in the story is this. The friends were not computer engineers, nor scientist, nor Internet specialists. On the contrary, they were simply four common guys, scrapping by at their monotonous jobs.  

     Blake was working in an office for a coal company in Central Kentucky. Jordan, was staying up through the night trying to make his way through acupuncture school. Ricky and Josh were co-workers and professionally lost as employees for a small cellphone retail store. Though each had different skills and education, they all had one simple characteristic in common: they all knew they had something more to offer.

      At this point in the story I must tell you that heroes are not always born, they are sometimes simply called upon.

      In every job the four friends had ever had Internet access had been a key component to the functionality of their business. Not only Internet access, but the frustration of slow, buffering, or even freezing Internet. There were days when  Jordan, Josh, and Ricky would be on the phone for hours with their Internet provider, pleading for their Internet to be restored. Blake would do the same from his office, though noticed almost every time he called in to the Internet provider customer service they would ask him the same question every time, “have you reset your router yet?”

     This leads us to our first heroic moment.

     Blake thought to himself that if simply resetting the Internet would keep him from having to stop everything to make a 45 minute phone call to his Internet customer service then he would simply begin resetting it every day. Then he though, “why don’t I just make a device to do this simple task for me.” This is where our Internet experience changed forever.

     The four friends from Kentucky, Josh, Jordan, Blake, and Ricky teamed up to create NetReseT. The four have brought to the world a simple device that does that daily task of resetting ones Internet modem and router in the proper sequential way it is supposed to be done every day. For Countless hours the four worked through designs, technology blueprints, patents. Boxing and reboxing the product, the four heroes have shipped NetReseT across the globe aiding and protecting anyone who is being attacked by sluggish Internet.

     When it’s all said and done, our heroes were not heroes at all, simply four common guys who saw a problem faced by the world and made the decision to fix it and help out the world in the process. NetReseT has proven to be a product that remedies nearly all common Internet defects. If four simply friends can save our Internet, what can you do?

How Four Guys Saved The Internet

By Ricky Simpson on July 22, 2016