A Million Jobs: One Workspace

By Josh Asher on February 26, 2016

Today’s technology is at its most comprehensive state in the history of Mankind. There is no doubt about that.  Likewise, there is no doubt that the Internet is king when it comes to utilizing modern technology in the business world to communicate with peers or perspective clients. It’s fair to say that one need is paramount to all others in the realm of our technological existence: STABLE AND RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION. Luckily, in this modern age of technology, one device, NetReseT, enables the strength of our Internet connection to match....

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Never Start a Morning Without This

Picture this scenario.  You walk to the bathroom in anticipation of the most noble of morning activities: taking a gloriously hot shower or bath while listening to your favorite jams.  You begin by starting the water warming in the shower or tub because, let’s face it, one of life’s greatest nightmares is enduring the seemingly stream of cold water that flows during the painstaking wait for the water to heat to optimal temperature.  You then turn your attention to selecting your favorite tune.  You open your phone, and queue a song. The piano strikes, as Adele  belts, “ Hel …” 

By Josh Asher on January 21, 2016

By Ricky Simpson on July 22, 2016

How Four Guys Saved The Internet

What if I told you that I have a tale, a tale that would rival that of Robin Hood and John Henry alike? What if I told you that this tale is a tale of super heroes that changed the daily life of every person? But then, what if I told you that it turns out that it is not super heroes at all, but four common guys who took it upon themselves to save the day?  The story begins like any other; the world is plagued by an unstoppable force sizing the general and unaware public across the globe. In this case, the plague being slow, lagging Internet connections.....