A Million Jobs: One Workspace

     Today’s technology is at its most comprehensive state in the history of Mankind. There is no doubt about that.  Likewise, there is no doubt that the Internet is king when it comes to utilizing modern technology in the business world to communicate with peers or perspective clients. It’s fair to say that one need is paramount to all others in the realm of our technological existence: STABLE AND RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION. Luckily, in this modern age of technology, one device, NetReseT, enables the strength of our Internet connection to match our overwhelming need for the Internet and all that it offers. 

     NetReseT was created and designed for one reason alone: To ensure that every person has access to the strongest and most stable Internet connection possible. NetReseT ensures that its customers maximize their Internet connectivity potential without having to lift a finger.  Put simply, NetReseT allows its users to relax and enjoy their devices while it automatically performs the daily maintenance that is crucial to optimum performance. 

     As with all things in life, technology changes with the passing of time.  Today’s technological advances render yesterday’s hot ticket item as nothing more than an obsolete paperweight that would be better suited as an exhibit at the Smithsonian.   Today’s smartphones, tablets, and cloud storage systems have replaced yesterday’s pagers, Palm Pilots, and floppy disks.  Except for the most sentimental of folks, the convenience and versatility offered by today’s technology is a welcome addition to their lives. Whether it be Twitter, email, video chat, “Cloud” sharing, video streaming, or simple research, the Internet has become the single most important tool in our business lives.   In order to fully and efficiently utilize the Internet and all it offers to businesses, one must have access to the fastest and most stable Internet connection possible.  That is where NetReseT can help.

     With few exceptions, most people have been burdened with one of life’s greatest hassles, SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION, on at least one occasion.   Whether you realize it or not, every single Internet provider recommends that you reboot your modem and router each day to ensure optimum performance.  Additionally, those same Internet service providers distribute periodic service upgrades through their networks to improve the service and performance of their product.  If one does not perform the recommended maintenance and power cycle each day they will not reap the benefits of the upgrades from their Internet service provider and, as a result, fail to maximize the performance and speed of their Internet connection.  With NetReset, you can rest easy knowing that their Internet connection is receiving the proper maintenance each day at a specific time chosen by you.  More specifically, you can have confidence that you are maximizing your Internet speed and stability because NetReseT performs a power cycle in sequential order, the proper way, resetting your modem and router each and every day.

     It’s no secret that stability and reliability are essential qualities to those seeking to rise to the top of their profession.  In this day and age, a stable and reliable Internet connection is crucial to one’s ascension up the corporate ladder.  In order to complete assignments and to maintain effective communication to business current or prospective business partners, access to “Cloud” storage systems and email is a must.  Those smartphones and tablets we love are nothing without stable and reliable Internet connectivity.  Quite frankly, success in the 2016 professional world requires optimum speed and performance from your Internet connectivity.  NetReset will ensure that you can get the most from your Internet connection which, in turn, allows you to get the most from yourself.

     Internet users have known since the beginning of time (sort of) that properly maintaining your modem and router requires frequent rebooting. In fact, many Internet service providers have gone as far as to run public service announcements on television and radio with the tag line, “power down, power up.”  It is amazing to think that such a simple solution, power cycling a modem and router, remedies the vast majority of Internet connectivity issues that the majority of users experience.  It’s even more remarkable to consider that Internet service providers save more money by running expensive public service announcement through a variety of mediums than they make in the countless maintenance visits which, no doubt, could have been solved by utilizing the “power down, power up” concept. 

     NetReseT maximized your Internet efficiency by utilizing and expounding on the tried and true concept of, “power down, power up.”  Although most people are familiar with the general concept of a power cycle, very few people know that a proper reboot requires that the modem and the router be powered off at separate times.  This proper reboot process is known as a “network power sequence,” or NPS for short.  NetReseT maximizes your Internet connection by utilizing the NPS reboot method every 24 hours to ensure maximize reliability, stability, and efficiency.  Through its use of the NPS method, NetReseT is able to efficiently maintain your Internet service better than any other product on the market.

     Whether we like to admit it or not, the bag phones and Apple Newtons we grew are now permanent residents on the Island of Misfit Technology. We are reliant on the World Wide Web to be our one stop to connect to every aspect of our lives. We may all have different professions, but we all share the same Internet. In essence, we have a million different jobs but share a single workspace, the Internet.  We all deserve to have the fastest and most efficient workspace possible in order to perform our job.  NetReseT ensures that we all get the fastest and most reliable Internet connection possible to help us succeed in our journey through the business world. 

A Million Jobs: One Workspace

By Josh Asher on February 26, 2016